Providing free access to justice for all, one at a time.

Our mission: to increase access to justice for all by providing basic legal services and legal education to the most vulnerable in society.

Access Justice is proud to be an IRS registered 501(c)(3) organization since 2014 serving individuals seeking justice, regardless of their age, ability or disability, sex, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation through weekly and monthly clinics where volunteer attorneys provide clients who have no hope of a voice in or understanding of the daily proceedings of the legal system with 45-60 minutes of pro bono legal advice and counsel.

Julie had turned her life around. However, in the “before years”, her life was filled with bad decisions and legal consequences. Julie had a criminal record with 32 counts against her, most of them misdemeanors plus two felonies. She was a new person but could not rent a decent apartment with her mother and could not find a career job. Access Justice was her last hope, after many previous attempts to file for expungements. The attorney who met with her decided to be the one to make a difference. He did more than process all the needed filings. He attended court hearing in multiple Kentucky counties where the past offenses were committed. The process took almost a year. The final step was to ask for expungement of a felony that, according to the law, was not expungeable unless so ordered by a judge. The judge asked why she thought she deserved a positive ruling when many others have not received it. She replied, “I don’t deserve it. I am a sinner and only renewed by the grace of Jesus.” He was touched by her humility and awarded the expungement. Now Julie has a good job in a new city and hope for a future.
Mary, an older woman living on disability, had suffered with bedbugs for a year, while the landlord kept putting her off. She was afraid to move because she feared higher rent. Access Justice intervened with the landlord and prevailed in getting him to exterminate all the apartments. After the infestation was successfully treated, Access Justice shared the situation with the right agencies so that a complaint was filed with Housing Authority to expose the mismanagement by the landlord.


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