Ten Talents offers options for charitable Giving in Louisville with a new way to give support to those who need it.

In partnership with EstherGiving our Direct Giving platform pairs you directly to people who need your help, now. Our Partners, communicate their needs, either by individual or by program to Ten Talents so we can share their stories with you. We supply Direct Giving and/or Grants to our partners so they (& you) are better equipped to service the needs of the many clients they serve. The combination of partner support and safe financial aid is incredibly powerful. And you can be assured that your donation is going directly to someone who needs it, right now.


  • Recipients working with our trusted partners receive either monthly or single use prepaid cards to help with everyday essentials, such as house payments, utilities, food, clothing, necessary transportation, etc.
  • Each recipient is affiliated with one of our partners and agrees to the conditions of the opportunity.
  • To protect everyone, all money is fully traceable. And, high risk merchants such as gambling, liquor stores and cash withdrawals are switched off the prepaid card options.
  • You will receive regular updates on how the recipients utilized your gift and how their situation has progressed.
If you’d like to learn more about our options for Charitable Giving in Louisville or would like to know more about Ten Talents or any of our nonprofit partners, Contact Us today. We would love to help you find the giving option that works best for you.