Acting Compassionately Everyday.
“Working With The Hand You Were Dealt”

The ACE Project is a non-profit organization geared toward school- age youth. We strive to be a positive resource for the community that we serve. The focus of the foundation is to provide our youth resources and experience beyond their community. Some of the services we provide are mentoring, tutoring, life skills, educating youth on violence, destructive behaviors, conflict resolution, and required community service.

The Academy of Child Entrepreneurship is more than a practical entrepreneurship program. The (ACE) program equips young leaders with the value and vision to pursue their dreams and unleash their potential. Our ultimate goal is to ignite economic principles built for prosperity. We inspire students to overcome and seize opportunities for good. We want to prepare them for success in the workplace, life and the community.

“My daughter’s father and godfather were both murdered in a double homicide. Hurt people hurt people. The Ace Project and Ace Place provide a support system and motivate kids to want to do better in life. My 15-year-old has been able to be healed through the Ace Project. She started taking sewing classes and now is thriving helping people in the community through her own sewing business. If it weren’t for Ms. Rose and people like her in the community, I don’t know where we would be. These kids need to be able to have conversations about this kind of hurt. The Ace Place gives us this opportunity and for that, I am so grateful.”
“My child wanted to start a business and I didn’t have the means to make it happen. A friend told me about Ms. Rose’s program for young entrepreneurs. I thought it was too good to be true but it wasn’t. She has always enjoyed baking and she now has her own baking business. The program provided her with start-up funds for her materials such as cake pans, cupcake pan, mixer, containers and more. I was amazed when she said they would have professional headshots done for business cards. My daughter and I are so glad for this opportunity. I would recommend this program to any child who wants to start a business. My daughter has gained so much knowledge and I have learned a lot as well. She is looking forward to attending college and studying Business in the next two years. A huge thank you to Ace Project.”


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