Equipping, connecting, and mobilizing Christians to serve vulnerable children and families.

OCA is a Louisville nonprofit for children and families that connects people with opportunities to care for fatherless kids and promote family preservation. They also provide opportunities to engage in orphan care whether it’s adopting or advocating.

Simply put, James 1:27 describes pure and faultless religion as caring for orphans and widows. Acting on this Biblical invitation, OCA equips Christians and connects them with opportunities to care for fatherless children and family preservation. We desire to see every child have a home and know the love of a family. Knowing that welcoming a child into your home is not for every family, OCA provides opportunities to engage in orphan care whether its adopting or advocating. Visit this Louisville nonprofit for children and families online at www.orphancarealliance.org

Judy is a single mom of three boys. Judy just recently moved into a new home and is working hard to get back on her feet and provide for her new family. She is in the process of getting a new job, as well as learning how to manage her new home. Through collaboration with Ten Talents, OCA was able to provide Judy with three months’ rent so that she can focus on establishing a new life in her home with her boys.
Amy is an 18-year-old who was cared for by her grandmother along with her 12-year-old brother. Amy’s parents were unable to parent her and her brother due to substance abuse throughout Amy’s life. Her grandmother stepped into parenting the siblings and loved Amy and her brother well. In late 2021, Amy’s grandmother passed. Amy, filled with a sense of responsibility, stood up in a court room and vowed to care for her 12-year-old brother in the absence of their grandmother. Through an overheard conversation in a social services hallway, Amy was referred to OCA who, in collaboration with Ten Talents, was able to provide Amy and her brother with a monthly stipend to relieve the responsibility of groceries and household needs for an outstanding and awe-inspiring little family. Amy and her brother now have mentors and wraparound support through OCA’s ministries.
Olivia is a single mother of three kiddos. Olivia was referred to OCA after her recent graduation from a transitional housing program. Olivia worked hard, along with the help of some donors, and is currently in the process of becoming a homeowner. Olivia works full time and is fixing up the house she was able to purchase. As a Louisville nonprofit for children and families, OCA was able to step into Olivia’s situation, in collaboration with Ten Talents, to give Olivia a one-time gift to help purchase dishes, small furniture, and other household items to make her new space feel like home.


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